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Jeremy Singley Industrial Design

We Make Things Happen

How We Do It

A product's sales success depends on factors unique to each project. To wit:

Manufacture cost: One of our specialties is simplification robinhood investing reviews without loss of design intent or quality. DenMar Plastics is just one of several companies for whom we condensed multi-part assemblies down to single parts, dodging the need for offshore hand assemblers. Our talent at eliminating mold side-actions, complex ducting, superfluous components and feature creep sets us apart.

Hitting the mark: Walk through any store. Among those rows of products how many will spend the rest of their lives in the slow lane because development time ran out; the CAD guys couldn't handle advanced surfacing; the idea machine ran dry; in short, because the design team punted? We deliver outstanding product design, on time.

Budget: We've been in production robinhood ourselves, so we understand costs. We have experience both at competing with and working with offshore sources. We've even been known to help clients to increase their odds of acquiring outside funding. One such story is AirFlow Truck, as seen in our portfolio.

Trends: All good design development firms research the market to stay ahead. But here's the trick: to beat - or better yet, to be the next wave by launch date. We're agile. Your ideas won't still be pinned to the drawing board while the competition is parading theirs down the red carpet. We make that happen by working symbiotically and seamlessly with your team.

Ergonomics, interface, and interaction: Our greatest strength. Our designs fit, they feel good, they are intuitive to use.

Looks: Today's designer is only as good as his software skills. Mr. Singley is himself considered a 3D CAD Guru by his peers, and he surrounds himself with the best. There's no limit to imagination if you can make the shapes. Virtually all the images on our site are photo renderings of SolidWorks or Inventor solid models. So JSID designs can share the same software with your engineering department.

Lean: We don't hide our light under a bushel. We have helped many companies to drastically cut their R&D and production is robinhood available in south africa time by sharing our methods. We also give seminars in solid modeling.

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